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Learn about our fleet

Mack Mortuary Transport takes pride in maintaining a fleet of clean and fully equipped removal vans to serve you.

Mortuary Transport Vans

Our company maintains professional, clean, and fully supplied mortuary transport vans.  Our full-time mechanics make sure our vehicles are dependable and ready to serve you.  Mack Mortuary Transport operates a full line of over 25 removal vehicles, with the signature Mack Mortuary Transport black.

Mortuary Transport SUV

Our company currently operates one GMC Suburban as a part of our fleet.  This suburban currently serves the Marshall County area.  Just like our Mortuary Transport Vans it is maintained to the highest standards and cleanliness.  Representing Mack Mortuary Transport and our customers proudly.

Cadillac Hearse

Our company maintains a black Cadillac Hearse that is available to rent to our customers.  This hearse is available to meet your needs if your own resources are stretched, or if your family requests a black hearse.  This hearse is maintained just as clean and professionally as our removal vehicle fleet.  This hearse rental include a driver, that is able to operate it to meet your needs.

Fleet: Our Vehicles
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